Bible Reading Plan

Bible Reading Plan

Are you interested in reading your Bible, but you just don't know where to begin? There are many ways to read your Bible and a lot of people get very confused on what the differences are. Below are links to different Bible reading schedules. Choose the one that best fits your needs and wants out of a Bible reading plan. Just remember that some require more patience and diligence than others.

Read Through Your Bible in a Year:

Reading through your Bible in an entire year is a very couragous task. It will require a very diligent schedule of opening your Bible every day and reading a few chapters. It is easy to skip a day or two, but you can catch up very quickly. Just don't fall too far behind. Stay focused and stay positive and let the word of God work in you.

To read your Bible in a year: click here

Read Through Your Bible Historically:

Reading your Bible through in a historical order is a great way to see how the Bible fits in with world history. This is a more complex way to read the Bible because it won't be in the natural order. You will read the Bible according to the estimated dates of the writing of the books.

To read your Bible historically: click here

Read Through Your Bible Chronologically:

Reading your Bible chronologically is probably a little more advanced than some other Bible reading plans. This plan will skip around a bit, but it will give you a better understanding on where the books of the Bible falls in the chronological order. It will help you piece together some important puzzle pieces and it will help you see the natural flow of things through the timeline.

To read your Bible chronologically: click here