Ladies Seminar

Ladies Seminar

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The meeting password is 520

If you prefer to call in on your phone dial: +1 (669) 900-6833; Meeting ID: 657-102-2796; Meeting Password: 520

Click & join one time & you'll be transferred to the next class automatically.  Nothing for you to worry about except having your Bible, speakers up or headphones/earbuds in & an open heart to God's word

We recommend, if possible, using a computer or other device that is hard wired into your internet. 

If you are unable to join at the beginning don't worry, you are welcome to join anytime during the seminar.  We are recording the entire seminar so you will be able to visit this page later to listen at your convenience


                                                 8:45-8:50; Zoom Feed Will Begin 

                                                 8:55am; Prayer, Song, Introduction (Patti McClalland)

                                                 9:20 am; The Perfect Blend (Caryn Youngblood)

                                                 10:20am; Inspiration For A Servant's Heart (Holly Orcutt)

                                                 11:20am; Serving In A Self-Centered World (Kim Hedges)

                                                 12:20pm; Closing Remarks, Song, Prayer (Patti McClelland)