Current Classes

Current Classes

Bible Classes Currently Being Offered


Adult Classes

Stand Up for Jesus

A study in the the Book of Luke


Wednesday Nights
Characters in the Book of Luke


High School and Young Adult
High School and Young Adult classes are available


Kids Classes

Bible Lab

The Bible Lab is offered to students who can independently read and write, typically grades 2-8. The Bible Lab offers a power packed study of the Bible. It offers worksheets, hands on activities, games, memory verses, Bible readings, and so much more. At the end of each class period, all the students gather together for an assembly period. During the assembly period the students can interact with each other and partake in Biblical discussions.


The Pre-Lab is offered to kids from about ages 4 to time when they can read and write independently, typically the age of 6. The Pre-Lab is designed to help the kids get ready for Bible Lab. The kids follow the Shaping Hearts for God Curriculum. They sing songs, have crafts, and study the stories of the Bible.