Tuesday Morning Class

Tuesday Morning Class

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Tuesday Morning @ 11:00am (At the building and on zoom)

Tuesday Morning Bible Study

DAILY STRENGTHENING The Armor of God pt 1 (03-05-24), The Discipline of God pt 1 (03-12-24), Seek The Lord (05-14-24), Set Your Mind On Things Above (05-21-24), The Prayers of The Saints (05-28-24) The Christian Baseline (06-04-24), Increase Our Faith (06-11-24)

THE OLD TESTAMENT   INTRO (01-30-24), Overview & Timelines (02-06-24) Timelines PDF, Abraham to The Divided Kingdom (02-13-24), Abraham to Divided Kingdom PDF, The Divided Kingdom to Greece (02-20-24) The Divided Kingdom to Greece PDF, Greece to The New Testament (02-27-24), Greece to the NT PDF, Jeff Smelser Audio: The Events of Daniel 11

Jeff Smelser Tuesday Lessons   Jesus in The Old Testament_10-10-23, Ephesus_10-24-23, The Seven Churches of Asia_10-31-23, Daniel 7-8 in Revelation_11-07-23, Herod's Temple, 11-21-23, Solomon's Temple_12-05-23, Isaiah 7 pt 1_12-12-23

The Spiritual War (Tuesdays @ 11:00am)    Intro; Satan_06-20-23, Lesson 2; The Principalities and Powers_06-27-23, Lesson 3; Angels Serving Men_07-11-23, Lesson 4; What is The Spiritual War and Why_07-18-23, Lesson 5; The Battleground_08-15-23, Lesson 6_The Tacticts of Our Enemy_08-22-23. Lesson 7; Our Tactics in The War_08-29-23

Authority      The Laws of Authority: Workbook      The Laws of Authority Complete List

Lesson 1; Intro (bad audio), Lesson 2; Why Authority Matters, Lesson 3; The Spiritual Chain of Command, Lesson 4; Types of Authority, Lesson 5; How We Got The 66, Lesson 6; Spoken vs Written Authority, Lesson 7; How The Scriptures Equip Us For Every Good Work, Lesson 8; The Designed Limitation and Protections of The Scriptures, Lesson 9; The Laws of Authority pt 1, Lesson 10; The Laws of Authority pt 2, Lesson 11; The Weightier Laws_05-30-23, Lesson 12; Questions of Authoirty_06-06-23, Lesson 13; Questions of Authoirty_06-13-23

Steve Niemeier; Moving From Milk of the Word To Meat of the Word