If you are searching for a closer relationship with God and wanting a loving church family, then we would love to have you worship with us.

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December 2014

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  1. Wednesday Bible Class
    12/24/14 07:00pm
  2. Ladies' Class
    12/26/14 10:00am
  3. Youth Devotional
    12/26/14 07:00pm
  4. Sunday Classes
    12/28/14 09:00am
  5. Sunday Worship
    12/28/14 10:00am
  6. Full Calendar

Upcoming Gospel Meeting (Nov. 16-21)

We're hosting a second 'fall gospel meeting,' this one with Jefty Windburn, a native of the Reno area who now preaches in Georgia. The dates for this meeting are November 16-21st. We'll meet at our usual times on Sunday and then 7:00 PM Monday-Friday. We hope that you can come. Please contact us if you have any questions or need a ride.

Gospel Meeting Underway

Our gospel meeting with Ryan Goodwin (from Phoenix, AZ) got off to a great start yesterday. Join us at 7:00 each night this week as we continue to study the importance of "Living By Wisdom In a Fallen World."

Upcoming Gospel Meeting (Oct 19-24)

Ryan Goodwin from Phoenix, AZ will be conducting our fall gospel meeting, October 19-24th, on the subject of "Living By Wisdom in a Fallen World." Click here for more information. We hope that you will come to hear God's word preached; these lessons will be extremely relevent and practical.


BIBLE ANSWERS is the name of our weekly webcast where we attempt to give a Bible answer to a Bible question. We have uploaded four videos so far to YouTube and have linked them on this website as well. Click here to access these webcasts. If you would like to submit a question for us to answer on this program, email us.

Bible Answers Webcast

Our first BIBLE ANSWERS webcast has just been uploaded to this website. Click here to access the webcast in which we answer the question, "Is There Power in Prayer?" Let us know what you think!

Monday December 22 2014

Old Testament: Obad, Jonah 1-4 Obad, Jonah 1-4

(Daily Reading, ESV)