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March 2015

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  1. Sunday Bible Classes
    3/29/15 09:00am
  2. Sunday AM Worship
    3/29/15 10:00am
  3. Sunday PM Worship
    3/29/15 05:00pm
  4. Wednesday Bible Classes
    4/1/15 07:00pm
  5. Ladies' Class
    4/3/15 10:00am
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“A Biblical Worldview”

Led by Doy Moyer from Birmingham, Alabama

A short Q&A session will be offered after each lesson

March 22nd to 27th, 2015

Lesson Schedule

Sunday, March 22nd  9:00 AM

Faith and Evidences

What is real Biblical Faith, and how does faith relate to evidences?

Sunday, March 22nd  10:00 AM


A look at some of the historical evidence that Jesus was raised.

Sunday, March 22nd  5:00 PM

Can we use the Bible to prove the Bible?

A faulty charge helps us consider the nature of the Bible.

Monday, March 23rd   7:00 PM

Your Worldview

What is a Worldview and why it is so important to us?

Tuesday, March 24th  7:00 PM

Your worldview and your understanding of God

What does your Worldview say about God, and why does that matter?

Wednesday, March 25th  7:00 PM

Your worldview and what you can know

How does a Worldview shape the way we think about knowledge?

Thursday, March 26th  7:00PM

Your worldview and morality

How is one’s ethical and moral system shaped by a Worldview?

Friday, March 27th     7:00 PM

Your worldview and your understanding of man

What does your Worldview say about the nature of mankind, and why should that matter?

"Ahead in Christ" Newsletter

After two years, we've discontinued "The King's Way at Queen Way" newsletter and kickstarted a brand new one called "Ahead in Christ." This is a two-pager that our evangelist, Casey Head, writes and sends to an email list at the beginning of every month. To access the first issue, click here. If you'd like to be added to the email list, please email your request to queenwaycoc@yahoo.com

Upcoming Gospel Meeting (Nov. 16-21)

We're hosting a second 'fall gospel meeting,' this one with Jefty Windburn, a native of the Reno area who now preaches in Georgia. The dates for this meeting are November 16-21st. We'll meet at our usual times on Sunday and then 7:00 PM Monday-Friday. We hope that you can come. Please contact us if you have any questions or need a ride.

Gospel Meeting Underway

Our gospel meeting with Ryan Goodwin (from Phoenix, AZ) got off to a great start yesterday. Join us at 7:00 each night this week as we continue to study the importance of "Living By Wisdom In a Fallen World."

Upcoming Gospel Meeting (Oct 19-24)

Ryan Goodwin from Phoenix, AZ will be conducting our fall gospel meeting, October 19-24th, on the subject of "Living By Wisdom in a Fallen World." Click here for more information. We hope that you will come to hear God's word preached; these lessons will be extremely relevent and practical.

Saturday March 28 2015

Old Testament: Num 35-36 Num 35-36

(Daily Reading, ESV)