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This Weekend...

Friday Evening (CLASS)- 7 PM

1 Corinthians 1:17-2:16 - James Shewmaker


Saturday Evening (SERMON) - 7 PM

Loyalty to Jesus - James Shewmaker


Sunday Morning Class:

1 Corinthians 1:17-2:16 (continued) - James Shewmaker


Sunday Morning Sermon:

Bad Soils and Church Growth - James Shewmaker


Sunday Evening:

If Only - James Shewmaker


Last Sunday...

Sunday Morning Class:

What Jesus Did: The Triumphal Entry


Sunday Morning Sermon:

Name Above All Names: YHWH


Sunday Evening:

Name Above All Names: Father



This Month at Queen Way:


Continuing our theme, “Stand Up For Jesus,” this month we’ll take some notes from Abraham’s relationship with God. He’s the next Hero of Faith mentioned in Hebrews 11, and we’ll key in on the fact that his faith prompted him to Obey and Offer. Because of his great faith in God, Abraham obeyed every word of God’s instruction and so recieved a Great Promise and became. These are the questions we’ll strive to answer this month as we study what has been recorded for our learning (Romans 15:4).

In our classes, we’ll see these notes in What Jesus Did through the course of Luke's Gospel. Beginning with his becoming flesh in Luke 1-2, we’ll continue to examine Luke’s record as we begin our second-quarter objective of understanding “What Jesus Did”.

Spending this time together in our sermons as well as our classes will, Lord-willing, help us Obey and Offer all to our Almighty God. Holding God in proper esteem will help us do His will. Let us all embrace this time together and truly take time to be holy for our awesome God!

Recent Sermons

  1. PlayIf Only
    James Shewmaker
  2. PlayChurch Growth & Bad Soils
    James Shewmaker
  3. PlayLoyalty to Jesus
    James Shewmaker
  4. PlayName Above All Names: Father
    Trevor Trokey
  5. PlayName Above All Names: YHWH
    Trevor Trokey
  6. PlayStand Up Like Sarah
    Trevor Trokey
  7. PlayHalos
    Kyle McClelland
  8. PlayFollowing Jesus
    Randy Bell
  9. PlayThe 6 Ws of the Lord's Supper
    Zach Youngblood
  10. PlayOne Another
    Trevor Trokey