Our Leadership

Our Leadership

Every group of people needs leadership to grow, to function efficiently, and to make a difference through the work they do together.  The leadership of the Queen Way Church of Christ is based on the pattern laid out by God in the Bible.

Spiritual Shepherds:

We are led by two spiritual shepherds—men chosen by the congregation to lead based on their age, life experience, and the qualifications given in the Scriptures.  These men do not run the church, but rather make decisions as a group, based on the wisdom and knowledge of God’s word they have gained through lives of service to God.  Our shepherds are:

          Randy Bell - (775) 690-4793

          Mike Youngblood - (775) 843-4357


The shepherds are aided by two deacons—men also chosen to fill various roles based on their scriptural qualifications, their abilities and their willingness to work.  Our deacons are:

          Scott Boucher

          Dave Cooke


The duty of an evangelist is to "preach the word...in season and out of season...[to] convince, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and teaching" (2 Tim. 4:2).

          Trevor Trokey - (775) 527-5496